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Garlic Bulbs

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 I love garlic.  Anything I can put garlic into and get away with, I will.  My husband will tell you that in the early months of our marriage he worried that garlic would show up in the pancakes or cookies.   Unless I am baking, if it calls for salt, I reach for garlic salt.  Two things I am never without; minced garlic in my fridge and garlic salt and powder in my spice cabinet.

 An interesting bit of information I found is that China is the leading producer  of garlic.  The U.S. is number 5 on the top 10 list.  For those who are curious, Italy was not on that list.  Here’s a bit of trivia: garlic is grown in 49 of the 50 states.  Alaska is the only state that does not grow garlic.  The self-proclaimed “garlic capital” of the world is Gilroy, California where much of the garlic in the states is grown.

Garlic, kin to the onion, is pretty easy to grow, is very hardy, and is rarely attacked by pests and disease.  For those of you who have a “green thumb” and grow your own vegetable gardens might consider planting garlic to protect your veggies.  No. Not from vampires; from rabbits and moles. That’s good news for those who choose to stay organic and not use pesticides.

There are a lot of claims stating that garlic is very beneficial to the body.  Supposedly it helps with lowering cholesterol, blood pressure, preventing cancer in the stomach; however, none of these claims were supported with clinical studies.  In fact, some lab tests have proven that there was no evidence found to support the claim that consuming garlic or garlic supplements regularly will drop cholesterol.  Just remember, you should always consult your physician before making adjustments to your diet or medication.

Garlic, while it might not be beneficial to your health, per say, it is beneficial to your tummy! Okay, well, maybe my tummy.

 Hope you are having a great week and please, have a wonderful weekend!



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I am married to the greatest man, Brad, who also happens to be the "bestest" friend ever! He loves that my hobby is food, because, well, he loves food! He encourages me and helps me out in the kitchen from time to time. Baking has become a new passion for me. It seems that I make pretty good pies. I like to make cookies as well. I tried my hand at cupcakes, but I don't have the patience to play the waiting game. I have always loved to cook. My Memom is my main influence. I had the pleasure of living with her on 2 separate occasions and learned a lot by just watching and helping. She was also the kind of cook who could open the pantry and throw together something pretty quick. I was so glad that I picked up on that skill. Some of my better meals have been the ones that I just "threw together" what I could scrounge up in the pantry and fridge. Italian cuisine is my first love, growing up in an Italian family and being from New Jersey. I also have dabbled a little in Asian cooking. I am getting pretty good at pork fried rice. My husband grew up in the south, for the most part, so I have been trying my hand at things like chicken fried steak, biscuits and gravy, and the likes. Living in Texas has opened doors into Mexican cuisine, but I think I will leave the tortilla making to the experts. I love to get new recipes and to share new recipes that I have discovered. That is why I wanted to start this blog! I hope to share my experience with others who also love to cook! I hope that you enjoy what you read and keep coming back!

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  1. Garlic and chocolate should rule the world. My favorite place to slip garlic in, is mashed potatoes. I can’t make mashed potatoes without several cloves of garlic. And when a recipe calls for one or two cloves, I usually throw in 4-5. I am with you here, sister.

  2. All you had to say was I love garlic and I thought to myself, I love her LOL. Sometimes garlic may not be beneficial to your pours but it is beneficial to your health. Very nice post

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