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Chocolate-Dipped Stuffed Strawberries

Just to forewarn you, this is a picture heavy post.  It was necessary, trust me, you’ll love it!  I hope you enjoy!

My idea for these came when I read an article to my husband about cupcake stuffed strawberries.  Not being a big fan of cake pops, he suggested using the cream cheese icing that I made for the purple velvet cupcakes.  That sounded like a great idea!  Unfortunately for me, it was not an original idea.  I really thought we were on to something, but to my dismay, others had the same idea long before we did.  A chef in Maine went so far as to patent the stuffed strawberry concept.  She stuffed hers with all kinds of cheesecake.

These were super easy to make, but time-consuming because you need to make them in steps…Oh, and having a partner helps if that is possible. They turn out so pretty and would make a great showing at any engagement.

I halved the cream cheese icing recipe and had plenty leftover.  I filled and dipped a 1 pound package of berries.  I could have easily filled a second package, quite possibly a third.  What I didn’t have enough of was the chocolate.  I really should have used a package and a half, but I made it work.

So here is what you will need:

  • 1 pound package of strawberries; rinsed and dried
  • 1 8oz package of cream cheese-softened
  • 1 stick of unsalted butter-softened
  • 2 cups of powdered sugar
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla
  • 1 1/2 pkgs or 12 squares of  Baker’s semi-sweet baking chocolate squares
  • Decorating bag or 1-gallon ziploc storage bag
  • #10 tip or cut corner of ziploc bag, but not too much!
1. Rinse your berries in a colander and allow to drain well.  Place colander into fridge until berries are dry.
2. While berries are drying, into a mixing bowl add cream cheese, butter, and vanilla.  With and electric mixer, beat until fluffy.  Slowly add powdered sugar until blended completely with cream cheese mixture.
3. If you’re using a decorating tip, cut bag and fit with tip.  Fill bag with icing and twist top enough to release air, but don’t allow icing to come through tip.  Set on a plate and place in fridge until ready to use.  **If you are only using the ziploc bag and no tip, do not cut corner of bag until ready to use.
4. About 20 minutes before you are going to fill your berries, remove your icing from the fridge to help remove some of the chill.
5.  Line a cookie sheet with foil.  Grab a small plate to lay your strawberry tip while filling the berry.
6. Cut the tip of the strawberry in a “V”.  Insert tip of icing bag and fill, but do not over do it.  Just enough so the berry is full and just a little more so it will act like the “glue” to hold the tip back in place.  Replace the tip making sure to line it back up just right.  Place on foil-lined cookie sheet.  Repeat with rest of berries and filling.  
**This is where my husband helped.  I snipped the ends of the berry.  He held it while I filled it and he replaced the end of berry while I started the next one.  It helped to move things a little faster.
7.  Place cookie sheet into freezer until berries are firm and the “tips” are secure.
8. Once berries are ready you can melt your chocolate.  You can use the double boiler method or follow the instructions for microwave melting on the back of the box.  I use a glass pyrex bowl in a sauce pan and it works just fine.
9.  Keeping berries in the freezer, remove only 2 or 3 at a time to dip.  Once dipped, return to the freezer.  Repeat until all berries are dipped.  **The icing that holds the ends on softens pretty quick and once they do, when you dip, they will fall off.  Trust me on this one.
10.  Once all berries are dipped and the chocolate has firmed you can transfer them into a storage container or serving plate and move them into the fridge for safe keeping.
There you have it!  I would say, altogether, this probably took 2 hours.  I did each step in between prepping and cooking dinner.  It might even have been less than that.  I wasn’t mindful of the time so I apologize.
I think my husband liked them…what do you think?
Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the rest of your week!

King for a day…Part One…

For Valentine’s Day I gave my husband a certificate, redeemable for the day of his choosing, to be pampered from sun up to sun down.  He chose today, Saturday, his first day of Spring Break.

To start the morning off, I served strawberry cheesecake pancakes.  I found the recipe in my Pillsbury book that I received just this week.  How convenient!  What was also convenient is that it happened to be a breakfast and brunch edition.  Super!  I wanted to make something different and it was full of great recipes.  This particular recipe was on the front cover.  It looked so pretty and I just knew it would be something that my husband would love.

Other than having to slice the strawberries, it was pretty much a ready-made recipe.  It took me less than 30 minutes to prepare, cook, and serve.  It looked GREAT.  I was so excited to serve it that I forgot to snap a picture of it.  So I borrowed the picture from my Pillsbury magazine, as well as the recipe.  Neither were available from their website.  You should be able to click on the picture of the recipe to enlarge it.  If that doesn’t work for you, contact me and I will get the recipe to you.

The graham cracker crumbs added to the batter make it rather thick, but cook well.  The cheesecake filling is tasty, but it did not fare well as a stand alone.  I don’t eat strawberries so I put some of the filling on a pancake to get a taste.  Not a good option.  However, Brad raved about the combination.

What I loved about this recipe is how versatile it can be.  You can use any fruit or fruit pie filling that you prefer.  You can choose to omit the syrup and just use the fresh fruit.  I used a regular, complete pancake mix, but you can opt for the “Fiber One” mix that it calls for.  Also, the cheesecake pudding mix does come in a “light” version and you can also use low cal/fat cream cheese if you are concerned with keeping up with your diet.  I should warn you though, if you are not a sweet tooth, you might not like this, but your guests for breakfast/brunch may LOVE it.

Hope you are having a wonderfully blessed morning!  Check back this afternoon to see what was for lunch!

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